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2 The Reliable Source for Industry-Standard Cables Finding the right wire and cable for your application is now easier than ever with Alpha Essentials- your one-stop source for the widest range of industry-standard cables. The breadth and depth of Alpha Essentials products ensure an optimum solution to your application challenges. High Performance, Low Minimums Alpha Essentials provides you with high-performance industry-standard cables. They are built to perform reliably- electrically, mechanically, and environmentally-each and every time. Better still, you can order just what you need with Alpha's industry-leading minimum order quantities; most products in the Alpha Essentials line have only a 100 ft minimum order requirement. Essential to Performance, Reliability, and Productivity Every wire and cable in your application, no matter how simple or complex, is critical to long-term reliable productivity, performance, and overall customer satisfaction. Alpha Essentials cable is industry- proven to provide dependable performance day in and day out. Standard Cables that Go Beyond the Ordinary Nobody gives you more choice in insulation and jacketing materials, shielding options, configurations, and conductor counts. And now, with the extensive Alpha Essentials line, you have more choice in the types of cable you tend to need most. These cables go beyond the ordinary to satisfy the rigorous requirements of EMI performance, transmission distances, flexibility, and extreme temperatures. Shielding Options to Maximize Signal Integrity Alpha Wire offers cables in four shielding options to handle virtu- ally any electrical environment. Unshielded: The smallest cable diameter for use in low-noise environments. Foil shielded: An aluminum/polyester shield for moderate EMI needs. Braid shielded: A braided copper shield, with 55% to 85% coverage, provides good protection against higher frequency EMI. Foil/braid shielded: A combination of foil and braid gives the best EMI protection across a wide frequency range. Unshielded Foil Shield: Good Braid Shield: Better Foil + Braid: Best Foil Braid Foil Braid

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