Alpha Wire Industrial Series Tray Rated Cable Page 19 Series V and V-Flex VFD Cable

Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 19 General Application Cable Advantages Stationary Series M PVC jacket Oil resistant (Oil Res. I) Stationary/Minimal Flex Series P TPE jacket Improved oil and chemical resistance (Oil Res. I/II) Moderate Flexing EcoFlex Cable 100% recyclable mPPE insulation/jacket 1 million flex cycles RoHS and REACH compliant Size and weight reduction Xtra-Guard Standard Flex (65000 Series) 1 million flex cycles PVC jacket High Flexing EcoFlex PUR Continuous Flex Polyurethane jacket, mPPE insulation 8 million flex cycles Zero halogen Saves space and weight Series XM 12 million flex cycles Oil resistant (Oil Res. I) Series F 20 million flex cycles Improved oil and chemical resistance (Oil Res. I/II) Xtra-Guard Continuous Flex Data (86000 Series) 6 million flex cycles PVC jacket Xtra-Guard Continuous Flex Control (85000 Series) 14 million flex cycles PVC jacket Xtra-Guard Torsional Flex (87000 Series) 1 million flex cycles TPE insulation, polyurethane jacket Servomotors/Drives Series SF TPE jacket Enhanced flexibility for easy installation and routing Improved oil and chemical resistance (Oil Res. I/II) With or without brake/ground pairs VFD Systems Series V Series V-Flex Oil resistant (Oil Res. I) Low capacitance for extended runs XLPE insulation for improved dielectric properties Excellent corona resistance Uniform geometry for reduced common-mode current Motor Supply Flexible Motor Supply PVC jacket Oil resistant (Oil Res. I) Suited to light-duty flexing and VFD applications An Extensive Range of Flexible Cable Solutions Alpha Wire's industrial cables are well suited to the widest range of industrial applications, from the factory floor to process controls to wind turbines and light-duty VFD applications. We offer an extensive range of cables for general needs such as control wiring in both stationary and moving components. We also offer application-specific configurations for use with motors, drives, and servo systems. In addition to our AWIS cable family, we offer tougher flexible alternatives in our Xtra-Guard 65000, 85000, 86000 and 87000 Series cables with up to 14 million flex cycles. For a smaller, lighter flexible control cable, our EcoFlex flexible control cable and EcoFlex PUR continuous flex cable can provide up to 55% weight and 40% size savings, and both are completely recyclable. Our flexible motor supply cable provides exceptional performance in a variety of motor and drive applications. We can also create the ideal custom cable for your specific application.

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