Coast Custom Cables Page 3 Engineering Your Success with Coast Custom Cables

The Right Cable . . . Just the Way You Want It More Choice in Cable Configurations Custom Engineered to Your Specifications and Designs Multiconductor cables Multipair cables Microminiature cables Coaxial cables Microcoaxial cables Hybrid cables Composite cables Power cables Lead wires Litz wires Flat, ribbon, zip cables Flat, round braids Retractable coil cords Conductor Materials Conductors: 50 AWG to 4/0 AWG Copper Bare copper Tinned copper Silver-plated copper Nickel-plated copper Copper alloys Specialty Magnet wire Tinsel wire Thermocouple wire Fibers and Yarns Carbon fiber (.5K - 12K) Metalized carbon fiber Aramid fiber Stainless steel yarn Precious Metals and Alloys Silver, platinum, gold Other exotic materials Insulating and Jacketing Compounds Thermoplastics PVC, SR-PVC PP PE PUR Nylon TPE TPR TPA mPPE Thermosets XLPE Fluoropolymers PTFE FEP PFA ETFE PVDF Silicones - Thermosets Silicone Flame-retardant silicone High-voltage silicone Rubbers Neoprene Thermoplastic vulcanite Melt-processible rubber Shielding Application: Overall and individual conductors/pairs Types: Foil, braid, spiral, Supra-Shield foil + braid Turn to Alpha Wire to get the precise custom cable needed for your application. We offer you more choice in materials and configurations, sizes and shielding options, and have the ability to fulfill your request fast-with minimum order quantities as low as 100 feet.

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