Coast Custom Cables Page 4 Engineering Your Success with Coast Custom Cables

Flexing Flex types: Rolling, bending, torsional, continuous Flex cycles: Up to 20 million Ratings Temperature: -80 to +450C Electrical: 30, 150, 300, 600, 1000 V . . . up to 75 kV Approvals UL, CSA, CE, IEC, ISO USP Class VI, ISO 10933 RoHS, REACH Mechanical/Environmental Abrasion resistance Oil resistance Chemical/solvent resistance Sunlight resistance Sterilizable Low outgassing Packaging Reeled in small or large put ups, cut to length, custom printing, custom jacket colors, 100' minimum order Other Can design custom cables with lumens Manufactured Products Value-Added Capabilities Cable assembly with Tier 2 partners Coil cords Custom packaging Cut-to-length Dying Etching - Non-chemical - PTFE materials - Connector end for assembly Marking Spooling (UL, CSA) Striping Stripping Tinning Twisting Intellectual Property (IP) Protection The custom specifications provide IP protection, as each part number and specification are unique to each customer requirement. The custom specification requires customer approval with formal written consent as part of the PO acknowledgment process, and prevents any design changes or material substitutions without a new spec revision level and approval. Get started today by visiting our website to find your custom cable. Contact Alpha about other custom cable options. Cable with Integrated Lumens

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