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3 Small Just got Mini EcoCable Mini recyclable cable was developed in response to our customers' need for smaller, lighter 300 V cable. By combining better performance and minimum environmental impact, EcoCable Mini uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide application advantages in a smaller, lighter cable. Its size makes routing and installation even easier, saving more time during production and maintenance. Even more convenient, it is available in over 250 standard configurations including four shielding options. Smaller Size, Lower Weight Design smaller, lighter devices with EcoCable Mini. Up to 32% smaller and 44% lighter than standard PVC cable, EcoCable Mini uses finely stranded conductors for remarkable flexibility, giving you more options for fast, easy routing. And the thin-wall insulation and jackets give you the most efficient use of constrained spaces. Low Outgassing In applications like medical devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, low outgassing is critical in preventing corrosion, contamination, and premature component failure. EcoCable Mini cable gives you the advantage of up to 92% lower outgassing than PVC control cable. Low outgassing makes it well suited for cleanrooms, where an extremely low particle count is required to lessen the possibility of failure due to contamination. More Application Options EcoCable Mini is a 300 V cable that's ideal for power and signal transmission applications in medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and anywhere you are trying to take size and weight out of your design. Size Comparison: 28 AWG, 2 conductor unshielded cable

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