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3 Consult with Alpha Wire's engineering team for assistance in developing the ideal wire and cable solution for your equipment needs- from withstanding extreme temperatures, abrasion, and chemical exposure to providing exceptional reliability in continuous and high-flex pick- and-place applications with cable having up to 20 million rolling flex cycles. The performance you need . . . Flexibility ranging from 1 million to 20 million flex cycles Resistance to harsh chemicals and temperature extremes Shielding options for excellent EMI resistance Smaller, lighter cabling to save space and weight Minimums as low as 100' on custom cable are ideal for R&D and prototyping The service you deserve . . . Broad inventory in stock Same-day shipping Small put-ups available Extensive distributor network Online Cable Design Center Extensive custom cable design and manufacturing capabilities The reliability you demand . . . Long flex life for motion control Low noise for signal integrity High pull strength for easy use Ultra-fine wire constructions for enhanced flexibility The stresses and strains placed on cables in medium-to-high flex applications ranging from conveyors and transfer shuttles to high-speed pick-and-place robotic systems and automated material handling equipment can quickly lead to equipment failure. Specifying the correct cable from the outset reduces the risk of cable failure and ensures that productivity and performance are protected. Alpha Wire offers a broad spectrum of flexible cable to satisfy virtually any application need. Rolling flex, such as C-track or Cartesian motions Bending flex or "tic-toc," such as hinged panels Torsional flex, such as twisting Find the Cable You Need Variable/random motion flex Shielding options include braid, spiral wrap copper, foil + braid, and foil/spiral. Our high-flex shielding options include a double-jacket configuration with 85% braid coverage to achieve high shielding effectiveness while maintaining the desired flexibility. For torsional flex applications, we offer spiral wound shielding with 90% coverage. 85% - 90% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid Double Jacket For Outstanding Flexing Performance

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