Master Catalog Page 286 Thermocouple Cable

Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 286 Limits of Error for Thermocouple Extension Wire ANSI Type Material Temperature Range (C) Standard Limits () Special Limits () JX Iron/Constantan -18 to 204 2.22C 1.11C KX Chromel/Alumel -18 to 204 2.22C 1.11C TX Copper/Constantan -59 to 93 0.83C 0.42C EX Chromel/Constantan -18 to 204 2.22C 1.11C RSX Copper/Copper Alloy 11 24 to 204 6.67C - Insulation and Jacket Material Properties Material Temperature (C) Mechanical Chemical Resistance Continuous Intermittent Flame Abrasion Flexibility Solvents Acids Bases Moisture PVC 105 - G F G FEP 200 - E G E TFE Tape 260 - E Glass Braid 510 650 E F/G G E F/G High-Temp Glass Braid 700 870 E F/G G E F/G E = Excellent, G = Good, F = Fair ISA/ANSI Thermocouple Color Coding ANSI Type Positive Wire Negative Wire Jacket Color Material Insul. Color Material Insul. Color Grade Tracer Extension J, JX Iron White Constantan Red Brown Black K, KX Chromel Yellow Alumel Red Brown Yellow T, TX Copper Blue Constantan Red Brown Blue E, EX Chromel Violet Constantan Red Brown Violet RX, SX Copper Black Alloy 11 Red - Green Manhattan Thermocouple Cable

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