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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 296 Industrial Automation Cable Seamless communication for robust industrial environments W hether you are designing a device for error proofing to increase quality or motion sensing to improve safety, trust Alpha Wire for all your Industrial Automation needs. As industrial automation systems continue to increase in complexity, we understand the challenges that engineers and manufacturers face in designing and interconnecting system components from sensors to top-level controllers. Our range of industrial automation cables combines the industry- leading quality and exceptional reliability you expect with Alpha Wire with the performance to meet the rigorous requirements of the major automation communication architectures. ControlNet Low-loss RG-6/U coax designed to meet the high-speed, time- critical requirements of modern ControlNet factory-floor automation systems. RS-485 Bringing proven data transmission protocol to the factory floor, rugged RS-485 cables reduce electrical noise sensitivity to keep reliability and performance at world-class levels. DeviceNet Meeting ODVA thick and thin specifications, the cables comply with Allen-Bradley 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C, and support high data rates (500 kb/s at 100 m and 125 kb/s at 500 m). Fieldbus and PROFIBUS A complete family meets ruggedness, performance, and quality requirements of almost any fieldbus and PROFIBUS application environment. Industrial Twinax A robust physical media for the transmission of PLC/DCS signals in real-time, high-throughput applications, including Allen- Bradley Data Highway networks. The cables may be installed in the same tray or conduit as 600-volt power cable.

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