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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 479 FIT > FIT-SLV Soldering Sleeves Heat-Shrink Tubing FIT-SLV Soldering Sleeves ANSI J-STD-004 ANSI J-STD-006 NAS 1745 Operating Temperature -55C to +105C (SLV 12 - 16) -55C to +125C (SLV 22 - 26) Sleeve Color Transparent blue Materials PVDF heat-shrinkable sleeve Solder Preform: 105C Series: 51.2% tin, 30.6% lead, 18.2% cadmium (143C melting temperature) 125C Series: 63% tin, 37% lead (183C melting temperature) Physical Properties: Shelf life: 25 years at 18C to 35C Availability 25-piece packages 100-piece packages Part No. Dimensions D1 min. D min. L nom. 105C 125C Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm FIT-SLV-12 FIT-SLV-22 0.125 3.18 0.110 2.79 0.625 15.88 FIT-SLV-14 FIT-SLV-24 0.200 5.08 0.180 4.57 0.625 15.88 FIT-SLV-16 FIT-SLV-26 0.300 7.62 0.280 7.11 0.750 19.05 Selection Guide 1 Measure maximum diameter (E) and minimum diameter (F) of combined cable and ground lead. 2. Find appropriate Alpha part number and sleeve size in the cable and sleeve dimensions chart. Alpha's FIT-SLV soldering sleeve is a one piece, shield ground termination system featuring a strong, low-cost soldered connection that is completely insulated and encapsulated. It consists of a heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve containing a precisely engineered preform of fluxed solder and thermoplastic inserts at each end. When placed over a cable shield and heated, the solder melts and flows, connecting the ground lead and shield. The outer sleeve shrinks and the thermoplastic inserts melt, encapsulating the termination. The result is a perfectly soldered, strain-relieved and environmentally protected termination. A solder preform ensures exact quantity of solder and flux, producing optimum solder connections for maximum strength and lowest voltage drop. Transparent heat-shrinkable insulating sleeve allows inspection of termination, and provides long-life strain relief. Meltable inserts insure complete environmental protection.

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