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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 483 FIT Wire Management Better wire management means better harnesses PVC-105 PVC tubing is the workhorse choice for protecting, organizing, and routing cables. Flexible Liquid-Tight PVC Tubing and Nylon Connectors FNT Tubing SLC and RLC Connectors FNT PVC tubing system of wire management products for electronic and electrical wire protection provides maximum flexibility and can be used in extremely tight quarters. The tubing is excellent for general applications where maximum flexibility is required or in areas where movement, vibration, or flexing is a problem. Convoluted Slit Loom Tubing and Tee Connector Fittings Type 492 Tubing Type 493 Fittings Flexible polyethylene loom material permits fast, easy installations and protection of harness and cable assemblies. The loom is slit full length so that it slides over the completed wire assembly easily, but closes after installation to protect the wire bundle. The slit allows for the wires to break out at any point along the cable length for custom installation. Companion snap-on connectors provide simple, clean cable junctions. Zipper Tubing ZIP-41 Protect wire, cables, and harnesses. Alpha Zipper Tubing provides a professional finish to wiring installations by eliminating exposed wiring and providing added protection against flame, chemicals, and abrasion. With Zipper Tubing, it's possible to isolate any group of wires or cables quickly and easily, without the bother of tape wrapping. Zipper Tubing is an ideal jacketing material for use in harsh environments for production or repair of harness assemblies. Each package contains two plastic sliders.

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