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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 487 Expandable Polyester Braided Sleeving XS-100HD Spirally cut sleeving simplifies wiring, cabling, harnessing, and bundling where breakout or re-entry is required. Braided Sleeving XS-200N Durable overbraiding for military and commercial cable assemblies protects against abrasion, mildew, and aging. Type XS-200N nylon braided self-fitting cable sleeving has been designed to cover and protect both round and flat cable assemblies. The variety of sizes and self-fitting features make selection easy for solving many of the cable assembly design problems found in electronic, electrical, aerospace, process control, and robotic-automation equipment. Maximum Protection Expandable Sleeving GRP-180 For a thick abrasion guard offering extreme protection against abrasion and cut-through on hoses and cables exposed to harsh conditions. GRP-180 provides fuller coverage for increased resistance to abrasion and penetration, and still expands for easy installation over long lengths. The braided construction allows moisture dissipate quickly to prevent rot and fungus. Extreme Performance Expandable Sleeving GRP-200 GRP-200 sleeving uses PTFE to allow the highest levels of performance, including resistance to chemicals, flame, and high temperatures. Thermal stability and low outgassing make it suited to aerospace, military, and high- tech applications. GRP-2000 sleeving is suitable for plenum applications. Abrasion-Resistant Nylon Sleeving XS-300 Tightly woven nylon, with a 45- mil wall thickness, makes XS3000 sleeving the perfect solution for protecting cables, hoses and ropes from weather, sunlight and abrasion damage. The sleeving is resistant to chemicals, UV damage and rot, making it suitable for continuous outdoor use under all weather conditions. The flexible sleeving cuts with a scissor and slides easily over any application. FIT Wire Management Better wire management means better harnesses

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