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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 546 NEC Article 800 (Communications) UL/NEC - CSA/CEC Comparable Flame Test Designations CMP CSA FT6/UL910 Horizontal Flame and Smoke Test 300,000 BTU Horizontal flame and smoke test in accordance with ANSI/NFPA Standard 262-1985 (UL 910). The maximum flame spread shall be 1.50 m (58"). The smoke density shall be 0.5 at peak optical density and 0.15 at maximum average optical density. This test does not investigate toxicity, combustion, or decomposition. CMR UL 1666 Vertical Flame Test 527,500 BTU A large scale fire test for determining values of flame propagation height for electrical and optical-fiber cables that are intended for installation vertically in shafts. The flame propagation height is not to equal or exceed 12 ft (3.6 m). The temperature of any thermocouple at the 12 ft (3.5 m) height is not to exceed 850F (454C). The purpose of the test is to determine whether the flame propagation characteristics of these "riser" cables are in accordance with the NEC. This test does not investigate toxicity, combustion or decomposition. CMG CSA FT4 Vertical Flame Test 70,000 BTU This test is more stringent than the UL 1685/UL 1581 (Vertical Tray) in so much as the cable samples must be greater than 13 mm in diameter, if not the cables are grouped in bundles of at least three to obtain an overall group diameter of 13 mm. In addition, the burner is set at a 20 angle from the horizon with the burner ports facing up. This test has a maximum char height of 1.5 m (59") measured from the lower edge of the burner. CM UL 1581 Section 1160 (Vertical Tray) Flame Test 2500 BTU This test consist of an essentially flat metal plate burner mounted 0 degrees from the horizon. This test does not distinguish any specific cable size or diameter. This test has a maximum flame and char height of 78" measured from the burner. CMX CSA FT-1/UL 1581 Section 1080 (VW-1) Vertical Flame Test 1700 BTU A vertical finished cable shall not flame longer than 60 seconds following any of five 15 second applications of the specified nominal 125-mm premixed 500-W test flame (1700 BTU/hr.), the period between applications being (1) 15 seconds if the cable flaming ceases within 15 seconds or less time or (2) the duration of the cable flaming if the cable flame persists longer than 15 seconds. The cable shall not ignite combustible materials in the vicinity or damage more than 25% of the indicator flag during, between, or after the five applications of the test flame. The CSA FT-1 test is similar; however, it refers to CSA C22.2 No. 3, Paragraph 4.11.1 for flame test procedures. The descriptions for the above flame tests are paraphrased from the applicable documents. For specific information, please consult the appropriate agency documentation. Agency Approvals

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