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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 567 certified test report (CTR) A report providing actual test data on a cable. Tests are normally run by a quality control department, which shows that the product being shipped conforms to test specifications. characteristic impedance The impedance that, when connected to the output terminals of a transmission line of any length, makes the line appear infinitely long. The ratio of voltage to current at every point along a transmission line on which there are no standing waves. CIP Common Industrial Protocol. A media-inpdendent application- layer protocol used by DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP. Trademark of OVDA. circuit The entire route of an electric current. circular mil The area of a circle one mil (0.001") in diameter; 7.845 x 10 -7 sq. in. Used in expressing wire cross sectional area. cladding A method of applying a layer of metal over another metal whereby the junction of the two metals is continuously welded. coaxial cable A cable consisting of two cylindrical conductors with a common axis, separated by a dielectric. cold flow Permanent deformation of the insulation due to mechanical force or pressure (not due to heat softening). color code A system for circuit identification through use of solId colors and contrasting tracers. common axis cabling In multiple cable constructions, a twisting of all conductors about a "common axis" with two conductor groups then selected as pairs. This practice yields smaller diameter constructions than does a separate axis construction, but tends to yield greater susceptance to EMI and ESI. common mode noise Noise, caused by a difference in "group potential." By grounding at either end rather than both ends (usually grounded at source) one can reduce this interference. composite cable A cable containing more than one gauge size or a variety of circuit types, e.g., pairs, triples, quads, coaxials, etc. compound An insulating or jacketing material made by mixing two or more ingredients. concentric stranding A central wire surrounded by one or more layers of helically wound strands in a fixed round geometric arrangement. concentricity In a wire or cable, the measurement of the location of the center of the conductor with respect to the geometric center of the surrounding insulation. conductance The ability of a conductor to carry an electrical charge. The ratio of the current flow to the potential difference causing the flow. The reciprocal of resistance. conductivity The capability of a material to carry electrical current- usually expressed as a percentage of copper conductivity (copper being 100%). conductor An uninsulated wire suitable for carrying electrical current. conductor spacing Distance between the closest edges of two adjacent conductors. conduit A tube or trough in which insulated wires and cables are passed. connector A device used to physically and electrically connect two or more conductors. connector adapter A special type of connector that allows mating of otherwise incompatible connectors. Examples include a female adapter that mates two male connectors; or a connector that mates a 9-position connector to a 25-position connector. contact The parts of a connector which actually carry the electrical current and are touched together or separated to control the flow. continuity check A test to determine whether electrical current flows continuously throughout the length of a single wire or individual wires in a cable. continuous vulcanization Simultaneous extrusion and vulcanization of rubber-like wire coating materials. control cable A multiconductor cable made for operation in control or signal circuits. ControlNet An industrial automation protocol that is highly scheduled and deterministic, operates at 5 Mb/s, and uses the same CIP application layer protocol as DeviceNet and EtherNET/IP. Trademark of ODVA. copolymer A compound resulting from the polymerization of two different monomers. Glossary

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