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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 575 resin A synthetic organic material formed by the union (polymerization) of one or more monomers with one or more acids. resistance A measure of the difficulty in moving electrical current through a medium when voltage is applied. It is measured in ohms. retractile cord A cable that returns by its own stored energy from an extended condition to its original contracted form. RF Radio frequency. RFI Radio frequency interference. RG/U Radio Government, Universal. RG is the military designation for coaxial cable in MIL-DTL-17 and U stands for "general utility." ribbon cable A flat cable of individually insulated conductors lying parallel and held together by means of adhesive film laminate. ridge marker One or more ridges running laterally along the outer surface of an insulated wire for purposes of identification. ringing out The process of locating or identifying specific conductive paths by means of passing current through selected conductors. RJ-11 A 6-position modular plug and jack connector system. RJ-45 An 8-position modular plug and jack connector system, widely used in local- and wide- area networks. Rockwell hardness A test for determining hardness in which a hardened steel ball or diamond point is pressed into the material under test. RoHS Restriction of Hardardous Substances. A regulatory framework for restricting the amounts of hazardous substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, haxavent chromium, PBB, and PBDE, in materials. root mean square (RMS) The effective value of an alternating current or voltage. rope lay Cable composed of central core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid groups of wires. Usually extremely flexible. routing The path followed by a cable or conductor. RS-232 A serial communications protocol using single-ended signaling for connecting data equipment at speeds up to 230.4 kb/s. RS-422 A serial communications protocol using differential signaling for connecting equipment, at speeds to 10 Mb/s. RS-423 A serial communications protocol using single-ended signaling for connecting data terminal equipment to data circuit- terminating equipment. RS-485 A serial communications protocol using balanced signaling for connecting data terminal equipment to data circuit- terminating equipment, at speeds to 10 Mb/s over long distances and in noisy environments. SAE Society of Automotive Engineers. self-extinguishing The characteristic of a material whose flame is extinguished after the igniting flame is removed. semiconductor A material that has a resistance characteristic between that of insulators and conductors. semirigid PVC A hard semi-flexible polyvinylchloride compound with low plasticizer content. separator A layer of insulating material such as textile, paper, polyester, etc. Used to improve stripping qualities, flexibility, mechanical or electrical protection to the components. serve A filament or group of filaments such as fibers or wires, wound around a central core. sheath The outer covering or jacket of a multiconductor cable. shelf life Length of time under specified conditions that a material retains its usability. shield A metallic layer, commonly aluminum or copper, of tape, braid or spiral wrapped wire construction. Its primary purpose is to prevent electrostatic or electromagnetic interference between adjacent wires and external sources. shield coverage The physical area of a cable that is actually covered by the shielding material and is expressed in percent. shield effectiveness The relative ability of a shield to screen out undesirable signals. shrink ratio The ratio of shrinkage of tubing inside diameter from the expanded size to the fully recovered dimension. shrink temperature That temperature which effects complete recovery of a shrinkable product from the expanded state. Glossary

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