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Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 578 tubing A tube of extruded non- supported plastic or metallic material. twinning Synonymous with pairing. UF Thermoplastic underground feeder and branch circuit cable. UHF Ultra high frequency, 300 to 3000 MHz. UL Underwriters Laboratories, a nonprofit, independent organization, which operates a listing service for electrical and electronic materials and equipment. UN Ungrounded neutral (refers to a type of power system). unbalanced circuit A transmission line in which voltages on the two conductors are unequal with respect to ground; e.g. a coaxial cable. unilay A conductor constructed with a central core surrounded by more than one layer of helically- laid strands, with all layers having a common length and direction of lay. UTP Unshielded twisted pair cable. UV Ultraviolet. VDE German Society of Engineers that establishes standards and testing requirements. velocity of propagation The speed of an electrical signal down a length of cable compared to speed in free space expressed as a percent. It is the reciprocal of the square root of the dielectric constant of the cable insulation. VFD Variable-frequency drive. VHF Very high frequency, 30 to 300 MHz. volt A unit of electrical pressure. One volt is the electrical pressure that will cause one ampere of current to flow through one ohm of resistance. voltage The term most often used in place of electromotive force, potential, potential difference, or voltage drop to designate the electric pressure that exists between two points and is capable of producing a current when a closed circuit is connected between two points. voltage drop The amount of voltage loss from original input to point of electrical device. voltage rating The highest voltage that may be continuously applied to a wire in conformance with standards or specifications. voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) The ratio of the maximum effective voltage to the minimum effective voltage measured along the length of a mismatched radio frequency transmission line. volume resistivity (specific insulation resistance) The electrical resistance between opposite faces of a 1 cm cube. VSWR Voltage standing wave ratio. vulcanize To fuse under heat and pressure. wall thickness The thickness of the applied insulation or jacket material. water absorption Water by percent weight absorbed by a material after a given immersion period. Watt (W) A unit of electric power. The watt is the power required to do work at the rate of one joule per second. waveguide Hollow pipe (round or rectangular) used as transmission line for the propagation of microwaves. wavelength The distance, measured in the direction of propagation, of a repetitive electrical pulse or waveform between two successive points. wicking The longitudinal flow of a liquid in a wire or cable due to capillary action. wire A slender rod or filament of drawn metal. WTTC Wind turbine tray cable. XLPE Cross-linked polyethylene. Xtra-Guard The Alpha Wire trade name for cable constructions designed for use in virtually any type of environment. yield strength The minimum stress at which a material will start to physically deform without further increase in load. Zipper Tubing Alpha Wire's trade name for a harnessing/jacketing material containing a zippertrack type closure. The zipper arrangement allows installation with no need to disconnect previously wired schemes for its installation. (See Loc-Trac). Glossary

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