Master Catalog Page 94 Xtra-Guard 5 Maximum Temperature and Chemical Performance Cable

Alpha Wire 1-800-52 ALPHA Specifications subject to change. For complete specifications and availability, visit 94 Cable > Xtra-Guard > Xtra-Guard 5 Xtra-Guard 5 Maximum Temperature and Chemical Performance Features The preferred cable for unsurpassed maximum temperature and chemical performance Temperature range from -80C to +200C UL, CSA listed 100% impervious to all chemicals, solvents, acids, fuels, and water Suitable for Class 1 cleanrooms FDA food/medical grade (sterilizable) Low-friction FEP jacket for easy routing Fast, easy stripping of insulation and jacket Color-coded, tinned copper conductors 300 V Unshielded, foil shielded, or Supra-Shield foil/braid Outstanding ultraviolet light stability in all jacket colors Aramid fiber ripcord for easy jacket stripping Excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation: Passes NFPA 262-2007 Applications Food and beverage wash-down Cleanroom environments Food/medical-grade applications Turbine generators Chemical processing Military electronics Mining instrumentation FIT Tubing Recommendations FIT-650: Chemical/temperature resistant flexible fluoroelastomer FIT-400: Temperature/chemical resistant FEP TAN BEIGE WHITE RED BLACK BLUE GREEN YELLOW ORANGE Xtra-Guard 5 cables are available in a range of long-lasting tints for fast, easy identification, for safety reasons, and for matching the color of your system.

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