Thermothin Hook UP Wire Flyer Page 1 ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire

ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire High-Temperature Performance In an Ultra-Thin Wire Alpha Wire's new ThermoThin hook-up wire addresses the need for a high-temperature wire that saves space and weight. It is well suited for oil and gas, semiconductor, energy generation and production, and military applications where space is at a premium and extreme temperatures must be withstood. ThermoThin wire, available in conductor sizes from 36 to 16 AWG, offers 600 V performance coupled with an exceptionally wide temperature range of -150C to +300C. ThermoThin wire's ECA fluoropolymer insulation contributes to the cable's smaller size while providing excellent dielectric properties, as well as outstanding chemical resistance. Alpha Wire US/International: 1-800-52 ALPHA Europe: 01 932 772 422 Asia Pacific: +86-21-61498201/61498205 Exceptionally small and lightweight 36 AWG to 16 AWG conductor range Nickel-plated copper conductors ECA fluoropolymer insulation -150C to +300C temperature range 600 V performance Excellent UV, chemical, and water resistance UL AWM 11540 (30 AWG and larger) RoHS2 and REACH compliant 1000 ft continuous length available compared to 3 pieces per 1000 ft put up for PTFE Passes UL horizontal flame (30 AWG and larger)

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